Cost optimization

When it comes to pricing, things can go extremely wrong


A fairly typical value relation between packaging and content in a Big Bag is 7 to 2,000. Seven euros for the bag and 2,000 or more for the content.

So if you only look at the price tag of each bag you could be fooling yourself. There are other important values that go into a packaging chain, such as security, safety and last but not least, brand perception. If things go wrong you could suffer not only economically, but also in the relationships with your customers who are depending on your delivery.

Tailoring quality into every lifting loop and smallest seam is vital and our main strength. Laws and regulations are becoming more stringent, especially regarding food transport. An increase in mandatory certification is making the handling of large volumes even more complex. Since in many respects, the customer is buying transport security and risk minimisation, it is vital to have, not just strong bags, but a reliable and strong partner.






Cost optimization by our toolbox

In close collaboration with our customers, we consider the total cost of the packaging. Not just the cost of the packaging itself, but also the associated costs from filling to disposal for the customer. Through this systematic overall consideration of all relevant cost factors (For example, handling, storage, transport and more), we work with our customers to develop concepts for reducing overall costs. Our toolbox covers the fields of the so-called Total Cost Reduction:




The bag is "only" the carrier. Everything that evolves from it - services, full scale A-Z solutions quality guarantees, logistics and much, much more - will add value to your bulk handling. 


Product optimization

This tool is virtually a long list of check points. It helps us formulate all the relevant questions to every new customer and to analyse every need from A to Z. 


Product range

A complete range of FIBC and services respond to all existing needs on the market. From standard to tailor-made. Add to that, complementary goods and a whole range of bulk handling related products. 



CSR & Reliability

Our environmental policy, our code of conduct, anti-trust commitment and social engagement are essential tools in our efforts to build long lasting customer relationships. 


Logistic solutions

An important tool for any client! It contains back-up production on two continents (Eruope and Asia), direct shipment, just-in-time delivery, consignment stock and many, many services. 


International presence

We guarantee to supply local and global customers with consistent quality and services worldwide. Offices in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France and China and partnerships in many other countries.