As your partner in important sectors such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, we do not compromise on quality. 


We know and understand the specific quality requirements of our international customers and set ourselves the highest standards for quality assurance: 

■ Regular audits in all of our production plants 
■ Continuous optimization of production facilities and quality control s
■ Own laboratories for quality testing and assurance 
■ Adherence to strict hygiene requirements 
■ Continuous control of quality and standard compliance
■ Certified quality management systems according to ISO, HACCP, BRC and GMP 
■ Compliance with all relevant product standards, such as ISO 21898 or IEC 61340-4-4 

The demands on the material used for Big Bag production are high, especially for compliances in the food sector. These are controlled by EU regulations and FDA requirements. 

Together with our customers, we develop and optimize Big Bag specifications with the highest quality standards that meet the requirements of the supply chain.


Save Costs - Gain in Quality


First and foremost, profitability does not start at the lowest price. When it comes to transporting fragile goods, quality standards should be top priority of the entire process. But how do quality, price and profitability come together? Through a perfect synergy of material, machinery, capital, logistical optimization and our range. We have successfully implemented this strategy with many of our customers and as a result, have reduced their costs efficiently. Benefit from our know-how and let our specialists advise you on the optimization of your packaging chain. Together we  reduce your costs on a long term scale, where a continuous increase in quality can be seen. Learn more


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