Carbon offsetting

Wherever transport, construction or production takes place, we leave an ecological footprint: resource consumption is particularly high, especially in Europe and North America. This makes it all the more important to keep this level as low as possible, especially in the transport sector and industrial production. As an important factor for global warming, CO2 plays an important role. Considering that global CO2 emissions have increased by 80% since 1970, it is clear that there is an urgent need for action. At Boxon Bulk it is therefore important to us to produce sustainably and to make an active contribution to the protection of the environment and nature. Boxon is the first FIBC manufacturer in the world to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase CO2-neutral products. Support global climate protection projects with us and label your big bags as "climate neutral".

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How does CO2 compensation work?


CO2 emissions produced at one place are reduced at another - that is how CO2-Compensation works. For the climate, unlike air pollution, it does not matter where greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere and where they are reduced. It is important that global emissions decrease in total. Individuals and businesses offset their
CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. The CO2 caused is reduced in a climate protection project.



An independent partner

For the calculation of our PCF and the contribution to climate projects, Boxon Bulk chose a well experienced, independent partner. The charitable foundation emerged in 2002 from the environment of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and helps companies and private individuals to reduce and compensate CO2 in a variety of ways.



How is the Product Carbon Footprint calculated?

The carbon footprint of our products is calculated based on the lifecycle of each big bag. For this reason, all stages of the value chain have to be considered:

• Energy consumption

• Raw materials incl. delivery

• Operational waste

• Packaging incl. delivery

• Distribution

• Disposal and recycling

Based on the  weight, the PCF can be recalculated for every individual product.  In order to compensate the CO2 that occured during the production process, we are currently supporting the project Solar Energy for education & jobs-Project with MyClimate as an independent partner. Learn more about the project here.

Co2 Kompensation







Carbon offsetting

CO2-Compensation with Boxon Bulk

Full transparency for you and your clients

No matter how many Big Bag you buy, we will suggest you to add the CO2-Offsetting Option to your order. Depending on the weight
and the number of the Big Bags, the amount, needed to offset the CO2 footprint of the products, will be added to your price. This amount
is based on the Product Carbon Footprint calculated by our independent partner MyClimate, a swiss non-profit organization based in
Zurich. As CO2-emissions differ typically depending on the weight of the Big Bag, the amount for the offsetting contribution will be calculated
according to the products weight.

Your contribution to the CO2-Compensation Project is fully transparant: We will provide you either with a tracking number or a QRCode, which will allow you and your clients to identify the solar energy project in Tanzania. In addition you will receive an official MyClimate

Certificate confirming the carbon neutrality of your products. If your Big Bags are produced after specification, we can also print
the official MyClimate “Climate Neutral Big Bags” on the label of each product.

If you are interested in purchasing climate neutral products, please contact us for more information.