Corporate Values & Group CSR

We are proactive, transparent and result-oriented. For the satisfaction of our customers, we rely on the highest quality, efficiency and open communication.

Within the Boxon group, we share strong corporate principles as a basis for our working methods and our relationship with our stakeholders. Our VETAs (composed by the swedish words Vinna tillsammans, Enkelhet, Tydlighet, Ansvarstagande) summarize our fundamental values that we live every day in our collaboration with customers and colleagues.


Victory: Together

We focus on results, a positive team spirit and creating a winning partnership. Innovation, passion and courage are our most important tools for success. Genuine commitment is always a winner.




We make things easier for the world around us by being flexible and getting it right from day one. Our secret is our curiosity about the challenges our customers face. A deep understanding leads to sustainable solutions.




We listen; we communicate clearly and are up-front about our expectations.Transparency is a hallmark of our business. It allows us to develop on an individual level – together!




We take overall responsibility, actively contribute to set targets and keep our promises. We care about each other and our customers. Each promise binds us all together!


Social Responsibility within the Boxon Group

General principles

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Boxon has always been guided by sustainable and ethical principles in interacting with employees, business partners, stakeholders and the environment. Within the Boxon Group, we rely on fair business practices, which we implement internally and externally. Living our corporate values in all of our cooperations and striving for profitable, sustainable and ethical business practices are our foundation for successful partnerships and results.


As part of our Group CSR, we

• work in accordance with all applicable laws in the countries in which we operate.

• operate all areas of our business in an ethical sound and legally correct manner

• work in close dialogue with our employees, business partners and other stakeholders who may affect or be affected by our business.


Our employees are expected to follow Boxon's principles and take responsibility for their own behavior and for Boxon's products and services. We attach great importance to the strict implementation of our principles and reject any form of

• child labor or forced labor

• Corruption, blackmail and bribery or inappropriate influence

• Discrimination or harassment


The interests of the employee and the company should not conflict with our actions. If such a case occurs, it has to be reported directly to a supervisor or the chairman of the board of directors. We respect and fulfill

• our obligations to our employees in accordance with national laws and social security agreements.

• the right of workers to organize in all workers' organizations and collective bargaining.

We offer all employees a safe and healthy working environment equal opportunities regardless of age, skin color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. 


At all Boxon sites, the compliance with these principles is required and implemented. In our international production facilities, this is strictly monitored through the implementation of internationally approved audits (eg TfS, Ecovadis) and the implementation of labor and human rights standards such as SA 8000.



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