EFIBCA Membership


The European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (EFIBCA) is an industry association that brings together European FIBC manufacturers. EFIBCA's activities include representation of interests of the sector towards politics and economics, collaboration in the formulation of quality standards, and adherence to ethical principles within the industry.

As a long-standing member, Boxon is committed to the EFIBCA Code of Conduct, which focuses on the particularities of FIBC production and the implementation of ethical standards. View the full document here.

To ensure quality and safety standards within the sector, Boxon also supports the EFIBCA-Q Quality Pledge as an active signatory. This commitment to quality is based on EFIBCA's initiative to consolidate and promote fundamental safety and quality policies within the industry.

The EFIBCA-Q quality criteria can be viewed here.


EFIBCA Membership


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