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Big Bags with four loops are not always the most adapted FIBC. According to the handling and suspension system, one and two loop Big Bags can turn out to be the more practicable choice. For products such as fertilizers, plaster, cement or gypsum, the
FLOW Bag is the ideal packaging.

Since these goods are commonly filled in very large quantities, they usually have low margins. Their profitability is defined by the number of tons that can be filled or emptied in a certain amount of time. Consequently, the Big Bag must feature a rapid throughput of the bulk material and thus minimize the storage costs. Both the fabric used and the various types of the FLOW bag meet the highest quality requirements.

Of course, our Big Bags of the FLOW series are available with different top and bottom constructions. Just as a four loop Big Bag, the FLOW bag can be adapted to the bulk material that is intended to be filled into the bag.

For fully automatic filling systems, such as ERKOMAT, Boxon also offers the flow bags on rolls.




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