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Our Clean Bags are specially designed for the filling of sensitive products, like comestible goods. We are aware of the high requirements of these product groups and therefore produce our CLEAN Bags with high responsibility.

 All materials and components used comply with international standards and are approved for contact with food. The bags are manufactured in production sites with a certified clean room. The fabric edges are cut cleanly and each Big Bag undergoes a careful final cleaning and inspection. 

Declaration of Conformity
The suitability of a Big Bag for use with certain foods or sensitive products is confirmed by a declaration of conformity. In addition to manufacturer information and the materials used, this document also contains a list of the filling products suitable for use with the Big Bag , as well as the intended purpose. Compliance with the abovementioned EU regulations is also documented. This declaration of conformity is issued according to your specific Big Bags.

Big Bags for food and sensitive products



We ensure that all materials used for the production comply with the above mentioned regulations and that total migration limits and specific migration limits are not exceeded.

Substances which are unintentionally introduced into the packaging materials during the manufacturing process, such as impurities from the materials used or by-products from reactions or decomposition, are referred to as NIAS (= not intentionally added substances). In order to rule out health risks, Boxon carries out toxicological assessments on NIAS in accordance with Regulation (EU) 10/2011. It goes without saying that the traceability of the materials and raw materials used are guaranteed at all times. 



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