Dangerous Goods




Better to be safe than sorry. Above all, this applies to the transport of dangerous goods. For this reason bulk materials assigned to packing groups II and III must be transported in specific bags which have been successfully tested by neutral test institutes according to the UN guidelines.

As the storage and transport of dangerous goods is regulated by strict international agreements and standards based on the so called "Orange Book" of the United Nations, these FIBC are also called UN Bags. For this FIBC variation, the safety of the people working with the FIBC and their environment is first priority. Therefore, the UN regulations determine all basic rules that all FBIC for dangerous goods have to fullfill. This includes the manufacturing process, the marking, strict testing and the approval and application of the Big Bags within the scope of the corresponding dangerous goods labeling.

All Boxon Big Bags are available as a GUARD (UN-) version. Our products are regularly checked by independent test institutes. The
UN Dangerous Goods Identification is printed on each individual Big Bag and certifies that our bags are compliant to UN regulations.

We are, of course, at your disposal for questions on the UN regulations for dangerous goods
and to advise you regarding the applicable Guard Bags.







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