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All Boxon liners are available in different dimensions (length, width, thickness) and finishes. All internal films are, by all means, subjected to strict quality controls and comply with all current international guidelines (for example, FDA).

The liners are made of homogenous polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, MDPE) or polypropylene (PP), but are also available in coextruded quality with barrier films of polyamide (PA), EVOH, aluminum or corrosion protection material.Our liners are produced according to the latest developments in foil extrusion technology. In this way, we ensure the highest quality as well as environmentally friendly production processes.

Boxon liners can optionally be fixed or loosely inserted into the outer container. For the fixation, we offer various technical solutions, such as sewing or glueing of the liner into the outer container.

Boxon liners are available in many different shapes, for example, as a hose with a welded inlet and outlet. In addition, many other designs are possible.

Optionally, our liners can also be equipped with different valves for gassing and vacuuming.




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