Recycling PET Big Bag

Boxon converts PET bottles from Indonesia into new big bags. In this way, we help to reduce local plastic waste and to prevent marine pollution. After use, the R-Pet Big Bag can be recycled again. This makes Boxon Europe’s only supplier of Big Bags made completely from recycled materials.

How a used plastic bottle becomes a Big Bag

Plastic waste is collected from landfill sites and by individuals, who deliver it to one of the several collection points in Indonesia. At least 10 % of the materials are marine litter, originating from beaches and coastal areas. After delivery to the processing site, all steps, from cleaning and sorting to the production of the Big Bags, take place in the same facility.  



When it comes to quality, the R-PET Big Bags meet the same high quality standards as our FIBC made from polypropylene. Just as for our other products, you benefit from flexible customization options and a Big Bag that is ideally adapted to your goods. 1 kg of woven R-PET is made from 25 bottles of 1,5l. This means, 50 PET bottles are used for the production of an average 2 kg Big Bag. 

Environmental benefits

The PET bottles are collected mainly from landfill sites, in coastal areas and on beaches. By re-using the material for the Big Bag-production, we prevent marine pollution and keep the carbon footprint low.   

- Prevention of marine pollution
- Effective re-usage of PET bottles
- Less ressource input
- Up to 25 % less CO2 emissions
- All steps from sorting and cleaning the bottles to processing and the production of Big Bags take place in the same facility, which means short ways and no re-transport    or re-packaging.
- PET can be recycled and reprocessed multiple times without loss of properties. This makes it a very circular plastic if discarded correctly.


Learn more about R-PET Big Bags in our brochure