Shape retaining

Boxon FORM - For easy filling and discharge

In our so called FORM Bag, transverse struts with throughflow holes are sewn in the interior of the bag. Thus, the FIBC is prevented from bulging and keeps its stable form at all times. In addition, this construction guarantees the easy filling and emptying of the bag. The advantages of this design are evident: Due to its stable form, the bag can be optimally adapted to the pallet, which reduces storage space and consequently transport costs. We know from experience that you can achieve potential savings of up to 30% in your logistics chain by using a dimensionally stable bag.

In the case of very fine filling products, a special kind of the FORM bag is used: By using two fabric layers and inner transverse struts that are invisible from the outside, you will get a particularly dust-tight and shapely FIBC.

The shape stability also ensures that the Big Bags can be safely stacked or stored in a high bay, thus making an active contribution to work safety and load securing



Boxon FORM




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