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Boxon NORM

Boxon NORM Big Bags are the basis for a variety of FIBC models that are used in almost every industry. All Big Bags are made from recyclable woven PP (polypropylene) and are available as single use or reusable. 

As a basic model, the NORM Series Big Bags are available for many applications and products, such as asbestos, sand and aggregates and many more. NORM Big Bags can be loaded from 25 to 3000 kg and are available in recyclable PP fabric. They can be used for all standard applications, which do not require special measures as shown in the overview below.

Boxon FORM

Application  Boxon product group  Description
Filling product is classified as a dangerous good  GUARD UN certified Big Bags
High volume product with need of mass handling and/or automatic filling machines  FLOW 1- or 2-loop Big Bags 
Product is food or must be protected from any contamination  CLEAN Big-Bag produced under certified  clean room conditions / Approved for Food contact
Logistic or storage needs to be improved  FORM Big Bags with inner baffles or net to keep a square shape
Product or atmosphere require electrostatic protection  STAT Big Bags of type B, C or D according  to IEC 61340-4-4


All big bags intended for the disposal of asbestos or mineral wool meet the strict requirements for the degradation of toxic substances. The bags are equipped with a standardized warning print.


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