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Static energy is generated by the triboelectric effect, whereby certain materials, after coming into frictional contact with a different material become frictionally charged.

The different types of static protective big bags are defined by the international standard IEC 61340-4-4:

Type A - This Big Bag is used for non combustible filling materials. It is not protected against electrostatic gas discharges and therefore may only be used in non-explosive areas. All Big Bags which do not correspond to the characteristics of the following types are classified as Type A.

Type B - The Stat / Type B is used in explosive areas and prevents the formation of sparks and spreading corona discharges. The fabric and the coating of the Stat / Type B has a breakdown voltage of <6 kV.

Type C - Stat / Type C is used in all easily ignitable atmospheres. Conductive fibers woven into the fabrics and other design features ensure a low bleeder resistance on the in- and outside. It is <107 Ohm to all parts of the container and is tested and certified by us at every single FIBC. The grounding during the filling and emptying process is essential for Type C. Thus, the Big Bag is prevented from the formation of sparks and possible corona discharges.

Type D - Our STAT / Type D is characterized by a special fabric, which prevents corona discharges and sparking. This therefore guarantees the highest quality, without a necessary grounding of the Big Bag.

The decision of which Big Bag is required is based on the ATEX directive 2014/34 / EU.



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