General Information

Technical data & security

when working with Big Bags, please observe the following safety instructions: Handling instructions FIBC.

Fabric types

Round fabric: woven as a hose
Flat fabric: woven in strips
Uncoated - air permeable fabric
Coated - air-impermeable fabric - protects the product against humidity and dirt from the outside and prevents the leakage of dusty bulk materials.
In addition, we offer a wide range of special fabrics for customer-specific requirements as well as fabrics in many different colors.

Technical Data

Big Bags can be used forbulk material with temperatures between -20 ° C and 80 ° C

UV stabilization: 150 Kly

Maximum load capacity (SWL): up to 2000 kg
Safety Factor (SF):
       • 5: 1 one-way use
       • 6: 1 reusable or for dangerous goods
       • 8: 1 multi-path usage (reusable)
Stackable: certain types can be stacked multiple times.


Construction types

The construction of a big bag depends on the application, and in particular on the contents. Therefore, there are different types of construction which can be combined. Which suspension you need depends on the load you want to transport in the Big Bags and on your handling system. Top and bottom constructions are also adapted to your product and system for efficient filling and discharge. Of course, we are happy to assist you in setting up your Big Bags.


Suspensions & loops 

Big Bag Cross Corner
Cross corner loops
Big Bags Stevedore
Stevedore straps
big bag Tunnel
Sleeve lift
big bag Dauchschlaufen
Hood lift
big bag Kantgurte
Side seam loops
big bag Zusatzschlaufen
Acillary loops


Filling & Closure

Big Bag Oben offen
Open top
Big Bags Einlaufstutzen
Filling spout
big bag Deckelklappe
Tie-down flap

Duffel top
big bag Schürze mit Kordelzug
Open top with drew cord
big bag zum Zubinden
Open top & tightening holes



Big Bag PP-klappe
Discharge spout with sewn cover 
big bag konischer Boden
Quick discharge (conical base)
big bag Bodenschürze
Full drop bottom
Discharge spout


Big Bag Schutzklappe
Discharge spout with protection flap
Big Bags Petalverschluss
Discharge spout with petal closure
Big Bag Iris Protection
Discharge spout with iris protection