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Load & Product protection

Containers that move or fall over during transport can cause a considerable risk to both the environment and content. Therefore, securing the cargo is hugely important and a legal requirement. Boxon Bulk ensures that transported goods remain safely in place.



Dunnage Bags

An effective tool to support and protect goods during the transport. By placing the cushion between goods, the slipping of the cargo in the lateral direction can be prevented.
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Locking seals

Plastic locking seals with metal inserts can be used to make tampering of the bag 
impossible and to prevent unauthorized access to your Big Bag while in transit.
The metal insert clasps are sealed when closed and prevent entry. All of our Boxon 
locking seals are named and numbered, so your bag can be easily identified.

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Palett support

Palett supports can be placed on wooden pallets. This offers the best possible protection of your product and the FIBC from nails  and wood chippings. It also prevents the bag from sliding off the pallet. Placed on the top, pallet supports can also be used as protection against dust or as a separating layer when stacking.

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Palett hoods

Boxon pallet covers are made from polyethylene and polypropylene. They can be perfectly adapted to the volume of your pallet and be customized with your companies' logo to enhance the awareness of your products in the market.
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Racks pour Big Bags

Racks are practical helpers when it comes to filling, storing and transporting your big bags. They exist in various designs, made from metal or plastic. With height adjustable suspensions, intelligent storage systems and more features, they can be easily adapted to your Big Bags.

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Cutter pour Big Bags

When cutting big bags a sufficient safety distance should always be maintained. This can be achieved by using our big bag cutters, which are provided with extra long handles (100cm).  An automatic blade retraction provides additional safety and protection.
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Load traverses

Load traverses are designed for transporting big bags. Suitable for common (1- or 4-way) load hooks, the load traverses are  available in special designed models upon request.
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Safe, time saving and flexible to use: with a silo wagon  filling system, the loading of your goods will become an easy task. The device is easy to use and does not require high maintenance. 




Filling system

The main strength of Dino is its flexible design. Every Dino facility will be designed according to your specific requirements. Of course, every silo wagon filling system 
fulfills all safety regulations. 
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