More than a Big Bag

People have always packed their goods to transport them, to protect them from external influences or to store them. Over time, simple packaging has developed into complex systems that often meet very individual requirements. At Boxon, we do not only follow every innovation from the packaging segment, but we create our own solutions and implement them proactively for our customers.

In this download space we provide more information about Boxon Bulk: Learn more about our approach, discover our range and find out how you can permanently reduce your overall costs with our help. Our PDFs can be read, downloaded or printed directly from your browser.


Boxon Bulk brochure

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Product sheets 

Basic Big Bags & dimensions



Boxon standard FIBC

Boxon 1-2 Loop Big Bags

Big Bag measurements






Big Bags for food & sensitive products


FIBC Dangerous goods
Static protective FIBC

Inliner for Big Bags





Boxon Protect