Reliable Bulk Handling worldwide: With our offices and production sites in Europe and Asia, Boxon Bulk is your reference partner for professional bulk handling. 

From our offices in Moers and Bremen, we control the planning, production and transport of big bags for our global customers. Our distribution in Bordeaux is responsible for the French, Southern European and North African markets. In Scandinavia, we serve our customers from our offices based in Malmö, Helsingborg, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

As a market leader in the Big Bag segment, our expertise goes far beyond Europe. Our Asian Pacific sales are managed through Boxon Shanghai, one of our group settlings with more than twenty five employees. Our international customers in particular benefit from Boxon Bulk as a global contact for their Asian locations: we are wherever you need us.




Know-how meets highest demands

At each of our production sites in Europe and Asia, we work with state of the art technologies and strict quality requirements. This guarantees that every Big Bag complies to the various requirements of our customers in the areas of both quality and performance. 
At our worldwide production sites, we strictly respect the implementation of our ethical values. Learn more 

Of course, we meet all international standards and regulations:





                           BRC Global Standard             ISO 9001                   Umwelt Managementsystem ISO 14001                Food Safety ISO 22000 2005                       AIB International
                                      FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration             HACCP - Hygienemanagement                     Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)             Kosher                      Halal