A winning team

The 2017 employee survey results are out and we could not be happier with the feedback!


Every year, Boxon asks its’ employees to answer a catalogue of questions concerning their everyday working experience at the company.  In early June 2017, the participants of the anonymous survey, which was carried out simultaneously in all countries and business areas, gave their feedback on working conditions, working environment, communication with managers, the possibilities to develop professionally and other topics concerning working life at Boxon.

Just as for the other Business Areas, the 2017-results for Boxon Bulk are more than good: In all countries, the employees gave an extremely positive feedback and in some cases even exceeded the previous year's results. Particularly in the areas of workload, self-responsible work and communication with managers, the employees gave top scores.

For Boxon as an employer, the annual survey is an important tool to measure the current employee’s satisfaction. By sending out the detailed questionnaire in all languages at the same time, it gives the possibility to the employees to anonymously express their feelings about their personal professional situation. Conducting such employee surveys, allows us to analyze trends and to follow up on the topics of the working life in the company: Whenever there is a need for action in certain areas, the company can immediately take measures to improve the situation. Thus, the survey is a supplement to the constant daily exchange in the company’s’ everyday life.

An important question that came up in the survey, treated Boxon's company values: In the so-called VETAs (Swedish for Vinnarvilja = Will to win, Enkelhet = Simplicity, Tydlighet = Clarity, Ansvar = Responsibility), we lay the foundation for successful, fulfilling cooperation among colleagues and with our business partners. The feedback Boxon Bulk employees gave on the VETAs shows that we are able to successfully integrate these values ​​every day anew into the corporate culture.

A working collaboration based on respect for all employees, in which everyone takes over responsibility and develops professionally, in which we achieve our goals as a team, is fully in line with Boxons corporate values. We are happy about the positive feedback from the survey and will continue working together as a winning team in the future!