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Moers, 05-14-2018 -
In cooperation with the independent non-profit organization MyClimate, Boxon Bulk now offers its customers the opportunity to actively offset CO2. With this project, Boxon expands its activities in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development.

The carbon footprint of the Big Bags will be compensated by supporting a climate protection project in Tanzania.


CO2 Compensation & Product Carbon Footprint

With the help of the non-profit organization MyClimate, Boxon Bulk has calculated the carbon footprint of its products (Product Carbon Footprint = PCF). All stages of the value chain were taken into account: Including raw materials, operational waste and transportation. The calculation method of MyClimate is based on internationally recognized standards (ISO 14040/44, ISO 14067, PAS 2050, GHG Product Life Cycle Standard).

Based on the calculated data, it can be deduced how much CO2 has to be reduced in order to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions from the production process. To achieve this, Boxon Bulk supports a certified climate protection project in Tanzania, where the installation of high-tech solar systems in private households and smaller companies saves 9981 t of CO2 per year.

The project was honored by the United Nations and corresponds to the highest climate protection category "Gold Standard".


• 200,000 people benefit from better air (solar energy replaces kerosene)

• 350 jobs have been created

• 42,600 solar systems have been distributed since the project start

• Over 700 people were trained in the solar installation

Thanks to the collaboration with MyClimate, Boxon Bulk will now also contribute to the further success of this climate protection project.


Full transparency for customers

For customers willing to purchase climate neutral FIBC, the participation is simple: Depending on the weight and the number of big bags, the contribution needed to offset the carbon footprint of the products will be added to the price. This amount is based on the Product Carbon Footprint calculated by MyClimate. Since CO2 emissions vary according to the weight of the big bag, the compensation contribution is calculated according to the weight of the product. A simple concept that many will recognize from flight bookings.

The CO2 contribution paid by the customer will  – without any deductions- be forwarded by Boxon Bulk to MyClimate. The organization then transfers it directly to the climate protection project in Tanzania.


Corporate Responsibility

With production sites around the world, Boxon Bulk is aware of the responsibility it has to fulfill as an internationally active company from the FIBC segment. As an active participant of the United Nations Global Compact, Boxon proactively promotes and communicates social and ecological change within the framework of its corporate responsibility. As a consequence, Boxon permanently works on the reduction of CO2 emissions in all production sites. The partnership with MyClimate and the climate-neutral products are an additional way to compensate for unavoidable emissions and a chance to actively contribute to climate protection and sustainability.

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